Design Services

Design is a Verb, Not a Product. Creative professionals with extraordinary taste need beautiful, functional, and cost-effective places to gather with clients, family, and friends.

They know the value of a home or workspace that inspires them to be their best every single day far exceeds the “product” we create.

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We Make It Easy for You

We help you navigate the complexities and the often confusing process of taking your project from concept to design through the permitting project into a finished project.

  • Assist you during site selection
  • Advise you during lease negotiations
  • Guide you through the regulatory requirements
  • Assure compliance with the ADA
  • Help you find the best contractors for your project
  • Coordinate contractors, vendors, and other design professionals
  • Monitor the project budget and schedule during construction

  • We provide you a Project Management System that takes the stress out of the process
  • We create the best possible solution for your unique requirements
  • We keep the project moving forward toward a timely,
    successful completion
  • We keep the whole project team accountable to the Project Goals

  • We help you set reasonable expectations to match your project scope, budget, and schedule
  • We provide unique and innovative design solutions to fit your personal taste and lifestyle
  • We provide expert advice on codes and regulations throughout the entire design and construction process
  • We act as your eyes and ears during construction to assure your project stays on budget and finishes on schedule
  • We are committed to your satisfaction well beyond move-in day

Residential Design

A Home Custom Designed to Fit Your Unique Lifestyle and Tastes

For me, the design process goes far beyond merely creating the minimal set of blueprints you will need to get construction permits.

Calling on over 28 years of professional practice, I guide you through the process of defining your goals, setting a realistic budget, and creating a unique, custom deign solution that will exceed your wildest expectations.

I love helping the people I work with evolve into the lives they want to live and enjoy the spaces we create together.

It’s music to my ears when a client stops by my office to tell me how our design continues to make a real difference in their lives!

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Office Design for Successful Professionals

Make Your Workplace a Great Place to Be

Your office is an expression of your brand, energy, and talent, your smarts and heart. Think of the impression you’ll make on your clients when you meet with them in a custom designed space that reflects your personal values and aesthetic.

A beautiful, safe, energy efficient, healthy, and comfortable work environment increases productivity and doubles as a walk-in advertisement for you and your work.

Let us help you make it a place you’ll look forward to going to every working day. We’ll handle all of the design decisions – if you want us to – from room layout to colors, furniture, flooring, and fabric selections. We can even help with signage and company graphics. We handle it all.

All you have to do is enjoy the results.

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Food & Beverage Design

Your Kitchen Has a Boss; It’s Called Your Menu

Before I help you create that memorable experience for your dining and entertaining clientele, I’ll make your boss my boss, too.

Your menu is so much more than just an expression of who you are and the great food and drinks you serve; it’s the blueprint for your restaurant’s brand, its core values, and it’s promises. It’s the cornerstone of your financial success. And when restaurant design is done right, your menu is the boss there too.

The total customer experience, courteous and efficient service, and your stellar reputation are all so important, because that’s what keeps people coming back again and again. They all result from the menu choices you make, a kitchen designed to support your brand, and your grand vision for providing an exceptional experience for your dining patrons.

Expert Witness Services

Resolving Design & Construction Conflicts

I help building owners, designers, contractors, and municipalities resolve conflicts that arise before, during, and after the design and construction of a building.

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Claims Against Designers

We support professional liability carriers and their legal counsel develop wining strategies to resolve claims made against architects and interior designers.

Construction Defect Analysis

We document the progress and conditions on the job site at the time a contractor is in default or is terminated by the owner. We then provide support services needed to assist in the recovery of funds necessary to get the project completed and make things right.

Project Completion Services

When an architect or contractor (or both) are terminated before a project is substantially complete, we help building owners develop a logical action plan to get the project back on track so they can get back to business.

Who Are My Clients?

  • Professional Liability Carriers
  • Insurance Defense Attorneys
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Homeowners
  • Commercial Property Owners and Landlords
  • Tenants
  • Municipalities and Construction Code Officials

Services I Provide

  • Document Review
  • Site Inspections
  • Documenting Existing Conditions
  • Code and Regulations Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Report Writing
  • Pre-Litigation Consultations
  • Appearances at Trial, Deposition, Mediation, and Arbitration
  • Project Planning for Completion of Projects in Distress / Default
  • Post Occupancy Evaluations
  • Affidavit of Merit

Peer Review

When architectural firms want to take a proactive approach to risk management, we help them implement quality control standards and best practices so that they can safeguard themselves against costly and time-consuming construction litigation.

What We Do For You:

  • On-site evaluation of current office standards
  • Critique a typical set of Construction Documents
  • Provide a Report and Recommendations
  • Access to a network of fellow professionals who can provide objective, third-party opinions

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The Architect Expert Academy

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Create a Whole New Class of Architectural Experts through an on-going dialogue and a series of programs I am developing, I want to pass on my three decades of experience to the next generation of architectural experts. Let me help you prepare to weather the next downturn in the economy by creating a whole new opportunity to increase your revenue stream to supplement your design practice.

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What Does an
Expert Witness Do?

As an expert witness you get to use your accumulated talents and expertise to help elevate the profession, provide a much needed service to your colleagues, and make a great living.

In a world where no one seems to want to be right or wrong, becoming an Expert Witness allows you to:

  • Step into your power as a category expert
  • Become an authority and trusted advisor on architecture and construction methods
  • Create a new, more resilient revenue stream for your practice
  • Sharpen your own design practice
  • Help define the standard of care in the architectural design and construction industry

Imagine your life when you can pick and choose the clients and projects that light you up and allow you to work in your zone of genius … that’s what becoming an expert witness can allow you to do!

In your work as an expert witness, you assist your clients in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their case, and help them design a strategy that can ultimately save tremendous amounts of time, effort, and money. you provide the support and the tools they need to reach a successful settlement, and avoid the financial risk of going to trial and leaving their fate to the whim of a jury.

By doing this consistently, you’ve earned the respect and trust of your clients.

Nobody Knows More About the Practice of Architecture Than a Practicing Architect

Judges who try, mediate, or arbitrate design and construction related cases have typically been in practice for many years before sitting on the bench, often as attorneys representing both sides of the matter. They are often very familiar with the process, terminology, and techniques used in the process of the design and construction of buildings.

But they are not architects.

And even if they are also architects, the law requires that remain impartial. So they rely on architectural experts to help explain complex design issues and technical construction techniques in plain and simple language that an average juror can understand.

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