Hi! I’m David Del Vecchio, Architect.

My unique design and consultation practice services two distinct yet related clients in the building design and construction industry.

Being a great designer makes you a better expert witness.

Being a great expert witness make you and even better designer.

These two facets of my architectural practice work together to provide exceptional results for my clients.

I opened my practice in 1991 soon after obtaining my license here in New Jersey, providing both design and expert services.

In my design practice, I work with busy professionals who are seeking a trusted advisor on building design and construction, and won't settle for anything less than excellence.

In my expert witness practice, I work with architects, the liability insurance companies who insure them, and the attorneys who defend them, to provide the support to they need to successfully settle or litigate claims made against them.

I am a licensed architect in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Florida. Additionally, I am a Certified Interior Designer in New Jersey, a licensed RCS Building Inspector, a LEED© Accredited Professional, and an NCARB certificate holder.